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About Us

About Doug’s Shoot’n Sports

Thanks for visiting Dougsgunstore.com. At Doug’s Shoot’n Sports, we work a little differently than other gun shops in Salt Lake City. We focus on our customers and understand that we are in the service business first and the gun business second. We know that if we treat you poorly you will go somewhere else. If we serve you well, you will return and tell your friends about your experience.

In addition to our great service we have one of Utah’s largest selections of firearms and you won’t find better prices. We also offer classes and have an indoor shooting range. All things considered, there is no better place in Utah than Doug’s Shoot’n Sports for firearms, accessories and shooting. Thanks again for visiting and please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you have.

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Doug’s History

In 1974 Doug Larsen began his business in a small shop just north of his current location. His inventory consisted primarily of his own guns and his first customers were his friends. He also sold fishing and archery gear. With great customer service and hard work, his business grew. In 1984 he moved to a much larger building and added an indoor range. You may be interested to know that Doug had the first indoor shooting range and gun store combination in Utah!

Since then, the business has changed significantly. He no longer sells archery and fishing supplies. Hunting season is no longer the busiest time of year. Handguns are largely made of polymers. Self defense is now the primary driving force of sales. Through all the change and growth, Doug’s commitment to great customer service and great prices retained its place at the heart of the business. Now, Doug is retired and his sons, Dave and Mike, take care of the store. They and their team of professionals work hard to continue to build on a solid foundation of great service, awesome prices and a super selection.

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