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Concealed Weapons Permit Classes

Concealed Weapons Permit Classes

Doug’s Shoot’n Sports Concealed Weapons Permit or Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) classes are taught on Tuesday nights from 6-10 PM and on Saturday mornings from 8-Noon. We also offer concealed weapons permit classes for groups as well. Just give us a call to schedule a group class.

Concealed Weapons Class

This is a great, credible class where the instructor not only teaches about safety, proper gun handling and operation and the laws regarding concealed carry, but then verifies the shooters are safe and competent with their guns at our indoor shooting range. The actual shooting gives the class credibility.

For this class you will need a handgun and ammo. So if you have been wanting to get a concealed weapons permit, this is your chance. Don’t put it off and get your permit today!

A Concealed Carry or CCW is the permit to carry a weapon, such as a handgun on one’s person or in close proximity. We in Utah have the right to carry a concealed weapon under the issuance of this permit.


Please call to schedule your concealed carry class today. 801-966-1802

Concealed Carry Class

CCW Classes

Concealed Firearms permits in the State of Utah are regulated by the Bureau of Criminal Identification. A permit to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Utah may be obtained by completing the instructions, and meeting the requirements as outlined on Form 96-4-02 Application for Concealed Firearm Permit.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification is responsible for ensuring that all concealed firearm permit applicants receive proper training according to Utah Code Annotated § 53-5-704. The Bureau will issue, certify, and regulate all concealed firearm permit holders and instructors. It is the responsibility of every concealed firearm permit holder to learn safe handgun practices and have a practical knowledge of the laws that govern firearms and the use of force. Permit holders also need to understand their personal abilities and limitations.

Our goal at Doug’s is the same: To eliminate incidents by providing excellent training!