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Holladay Homeowner Uses Firearm to Protect Home

Crystal M. Henard
Crystal M. Henard

Just a few weeks ago, a homeowner in Holladay, UT proved once again the safety and protection a firearm can bring. Around 7 AM on April 27th, a home worth nearly $1.5 million dollars near 5400 S. and Highland Dr was broken into by 2 suspects according to Unified Police.

The 2 suspects fled the home when the homeowner fired warning shots with their firearm. Nobody was hurt, the suspects were captured and no property was stolen.

The firearm eliminated the danger in their home and also led to the capture of the two individuals, causing a sigh of relief for the homeowner and community alike. This prepared homeowner’s actions have led to a safer community.

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This story was first reported by Fox News, full text can be found at: http://fox13now.com/2015/04/27/suspects-arrested-after-holladay-homeowner-fires-shot-at-attempted-burglars/