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Are You Safe?

Just a few weeks ago, a Californian man’s life was possibly saved because of his awareness and ability to use a gun. Around 11pm on September 14th, 2014, a homeowner in Van Nuys found 25-year old Grachia Nalbanyan invading his home which ended in a physical altercation ending when the homeowner was able to disarm Nalbanyan. Two shots were fired, and Nalbanyan was taken away to the hospital.

Nalbanyan is denied bail for breaking probation and carries a lengthy criminal record. He was and continues to be on federal probation for possession of a firearm.

It is miracle that the homeowner walked away from this situation alive. Knowing how to use his gun quite possibly may have saved his life. This homeowner and his family were at risk of losing their lives—especially given the background of the criminal that invaded their home. This story could have ended very differently for this man. The area in which the homeowner lives is seemingly a safe area, with neighbors reporting that they often leave their windows open for cool air in the night. How safe are YOU and the ones YOU love?

Don’t be a victim! We can ensure that you are prepared. Come into Doug’s today and sign up for our concealed carry class or check out the variety of guns in our inventory. We offer everything from private lessons to classes for kids to ensure that your children understand how to treat firearms. With our friendly and local service, we will ensure that you walk away with a peace of mind knowing your children and family can sleep safer tonight.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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